When in Rome… or Durham….. we make the best of the not so wonderful situation that puts us almost 5 hours from home for over a month!!

One of my favorite things to do with Todd on the weekends is to get in the car and just hit the road. We have done this since day 1. Sometimes it’s a list of errands or a trip to Lowe’s to get supplies for my latest and greatest project, sometimes it’s to just drive towards the mountains or downtown Greenville to walk around and just “be together”.

So, when we got settled in Durham this week we decided we would use the weekends that he was here with me to explore the area and do what we love….ramble around hand in hand!

Today did not disappoint. We started out at Perkins Orchard in Durham. We were not only impressed by pumpkins and mums and vegetables at this place but also by the owner. This young man had taken over his family’s small produce stand at 10 years old and worked to grow his business throughout middle and high school. He went out and developed relationships with farmers across NC and other states to source his inventory and continues to expand. Today, at 24 years old, he has a pretty impressive growing business. Check out the pictures of all the pumpkins!

Next, we headed to the small town of Apex, NC to check out “Peaktoberfest” at Southern Peak Brewery. Now, let me explain something here. Whenever we go to a new place, I will go onto Facebook to the events section and type in where we are and check out what is going on in the area. In the past, this has had good results and sometimes not so good. Todd is a trooper in that he is always willing to go check it out but he likes to do a drive by. So, as we got closer to this place, we found ourselves in a neighborhood and for a minute thought maybe we were crashing a hood party and this would end in a drive by. Thankfully, that was not the case. Southern Peak is in the middle of a large residential neighborhood much like Patrick Square in Clemson or Hollingsworth Park in Greenville. It turned out to be pretty cool. Good music, good beer and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. It was one of those days where I never once thought about why I was here and what was happening in my life.

We wrapped up the day with a drive through of the Chapel Hill area. By that time. I was fading so we headed back to our cute little temporary home to cook dinner and watch some football. Well, Todd is watching football while I type.

So, as the weeks pass I am hoping I can continue to explore new faces and places on the weekends. My Mom and sister will be here next weekend and we all know that will result in some interesting stories! My Sister-In-Law is coming down the following weekend. If you like to shop, we promise not to disappoint!! So stay tuned!! Life is what you make it….. in good times and in not so good times!

Check these out:



A few of our picture from today’s excursions. We bought a few pumpkins to spruce up the olde apartment and make it feel more like home 😍

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  1. Love it . . have been thinking of you and am glad to here you were doing fun things! Love and prayers from The Diggins Family!

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