At my weekly doctors appointment on Thursday a very kind, very knowledgeable young nurse informed me that this past week and most of next week was considered the “honeymoon” phase of radiation treatment. Ummmmm….ok. When I think honeymoon I think tropical paradise, St. Lucia, Tahiti ….not Durham… and for real….not radiation.

I understand what she was trying to say. During the first week and a half the radiation is just beginning to kill off cells but as the days pass the body begins to try to fight the process and inflammation and feelings of being tired, flu like etc. begin. The reference was just one of those things that I find humorous in a very serious situation.

Todd had to leave Saturday to go home and check on things at the house then fly to Boston on Monday for the week. He did not want to leave and go home without me. Even though we know it is just for the week and I will be fine, we both had tears in our eyes when he got in the truck. He has been right here with me through every bit of this so far and I did not realize how much his presence calms me and takes care of me. I know I have written this before but I will never miss an opportunity to thank God for bringing this man into my life.

However, I am not alone. My Mom and Sister came up to spend the week with me. In the same sort of irony, had this never happened to me the three of us would have never had the opportunity to spend this much time together in one place. We are all so busy with our jobs, families and the stress that life constantly throws at us that we barely have time to get together for a dinner much less a whole “girls week”.

It all reminds me of the quote above.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

And that is what I am determined to do! Ok, so physically dancing in the rain is not something anybody would want to see me attempt right now!!

Even when the so called “honeymoon” period is over, I will do my very best to find any ounce of joy I can in every day. Isn’t that truly all that any of us can do in any situation?? Put our faith and hope in God and dance in the rain…….

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