Is it me or is the week between Christmas and New Year’s one of the fastest of the year? Even with ours being…..well……. restricted this year, it flew by. Our family enjoyed a beautiful and memorable Christmas Day at my parent’s farm. After what we have been through this year, we all seemed to be actively making the most of our time together. I was determined to soak up every moment and did. So much so that I spent the next several days in bed recuperating from doing way too much too soon. It was worth it.

Todd and I have made 2 trips to Duke in the last 2 weeks. During the last trip, the remaining stitches were removed which caused the wound to completely open up. This has caused a lot of pain and restricted my mobility even more than before. I won’t lie or sugar coat it, this is hard. I want to heal and walk without a walker or cane. I want to be able to sleep at night without waking up sore and stiff and in pain. I want to be able to sit at a desk, drive a car, get my hair colored, and I could go on and on. But here we are, Todd packs the wound once a day and we keep dry bandages on it changing them several times a day. I am told this could take months. Have I mentioned that I am not the most patient person?

As you can tell, I have allowed myself to whine some. I know it’s not going to help matters but sometimes it does make me feel better.

To put myself in a better frame of mind, I came up,with 10 things I learned in 2018. They are:

1. Hard work DOES pay off

2. I really really like Mumm Napa Rose Champagne

3. Lake days are the best stress relief

4. Watching the 3rd child graduate high school is no easier than the 1st

5. I can throw an Axe

6. Never say never…. in good things or bad.

7. God is preparing us for what is to come long before we see it coming.

8. Never underestimate the healing power of a good manicure, pedicure and hair salon appointment.

9. We are made to rise to the challenge, to be resilient, to never give up!

10. I am blessed beyond measure. From my friends, to my children, to the husband that has taken care of me through all of this cancer mess. I know God’s hand has been on me.

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