Hi Everyone!! So, despite the disappointing news we received on my health situation we have been so busy the last few weeks and I have felt so good that there were actually times when I forgot that I even have cancer. There is a LOT going on at our house and changes are on the horizon. I thank GOD for these distractions and the way they keep me living life and enjoying every minute.

Having said that, Todd and I flew to Houston today. After meeting with the oncologist at Duke and getting a very clear picture of what I am facing, we decided to come to Houston to MD Anderson for a second opinion of my situation and future treatment decisions. This was a hard decision to make. I absolutely love and adore the wonderful people at Duke. They have given me the best in care and words cannot convey my respect and appreciation for what they do day in and day out. I want to know that I did all that I could to fight this evil disease. I do not want to have regrets. That is why we are hear. Nuff Said!!

We have decided to make this trip into another exploring adventure. I meet with the doctor tomorrow then we will remain in Houston for a few days next week for additional tests, etc. Since we have to be here we decided to head to the beach in Galveston for the weekend! The beach has always been my peaceful place. The sounds, the sand, the vibe…..it calms my nerves and centers me. I also have so many wonderful memories of beach trips. From camping as a child, spending weeks there during the summer with my school friend Kristy and her Mom to the cherished memories at the “Crowe’s Nest” with my partner in crime, KK. It is where I recharge and release all of the stress of this world. I am so looking forward to it.

This morning before we left, I had a hairdresser appointment. As I was paying and making my next appointment, I was talking to my hairdresser about my trip. A woman walked up to me and said she had overheard me mention MD Anderson. She went on to tell me that her 36 year old daughter was currently being treated at MD Anderson for advanced cancer. She assured me that I was going to the right place and that her daughter getting,the best care possible. Her daughter is so young to be dealing with this, that was my thought. When she finished, I asked her what her daughter’ s name was. As she told me, she broke down. I could totally relate as I had seen the same worry in my own Mother’s eyes. I wrote down her daughter’s name and told her that I would pray for her…. and I have…. several times today.

None of us are alone in our plight, there is so much pain in this life. No matter what your lot in life, someone is dealing with much worse. We have no way of knowing what we will face and when.

“I do not know what tomorrow holds but I do know who holds tomorrow’

Praise God he holds my tomorrow!

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  1. Melissa, we’re praying for you and for your doctors today and in the testing days to come. Praying for wisdom and clarity for them! Love you lady!

  2. Praying for you as you make decisions regarding your treatment. I believe a positive attitude has so much to do with healing. You are truly an inspiration! Blessings!❤️

  3. Praying for nothing but great options for you. Have so much fun at the beach! Toes in the sand… love you woman!!

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