Lots of moving parts going on here…….. some of which I could not talk about before today. As you know, my cancer has extended into my lungs, Sarcoma tends to do that. So, my Mom and I are now staying in Houston, TX for the month of May for me to do my first round of chemo at MD Anderson. We flew in last Tuesday and spent the better part of last week going to all of the pre-chemo appointments, checks, etc. We did manage to get some shopping in over the weekend before starting my chemo this morning. My first day went well, I actually slept through most of it. I was sent back to my apartment around 3:00 with a backpack full of IV medicine attached through one of the pic lines in my chest. That is rather annoying BUT the meds are to counter the side effects of the chemo so I will put up with it….and have a smile while doing so. I have 3 more days of infusion, each one lasts about 5 hours. On Friday, I go back in for a shot to help protect my white blood cells, etc. I have so much to keep up with that it can be overwhelming. I have to check my temperature 4 times a day, rinse with special mouth wash every 4 hours, flush my pic lines daily, change the caps on the lines weekly, change the dressing on the lines weekly, I am still changing the bandage on my open wound daily, take oral meds on a schedule daily….whew! I say all of this to give readers a clear understanding of what it takes to go through something like this and to illustrate the important job of our caregivers. I could never do this on my own.

On this trip I have my Mom with me. She has been so gracious to give up the whole month to come down and be with me. Not only is it so wonderful to have her help but it is a great blessing to have this time with her. I miss Todd terribly, we have not been apart this long since we married. It is tough on both of us but he is doing something that is very important as well.

This is the part I have not been able to share until now. On top of my cancer situation and all that entails, my wonderful husband was offered and accepted an awesome job opportunity. His first day at his new job was today, the same day as my first day of chemo!! Add to that the fact that his new job is in Richmond, Virginia!!! Yes, we are relocating to Richmond. So, in addition to my cancer & his new job, we will be selling our house in Clemson (know anyone who is looking to move to Country Walk in Clemson?), we will buy a house in Richmond, then move. Thankfully, we have a relo company that will pack our house up, move us, then unpack for us.

Over the last few weeks as all of this was in the works, we were so stressed and anxious and had no idea how this would all work out. We both gave it all to the Lord on a daily basis and asked for his guidance and wisdom and will to be done in each of these situations. I can tell you he answered our prayers. Things may not have worked out the way we envisioned but we can see the hand of God in things and know that he is working for our good. We will continue to pray for his will to be done and pray that we will hear his still small voice when making decisions so that we do not deviate from that.

Sorry this post is long…. I have so much to share. I also wanted to share some of the photos of my dear friends and family sporting a new T-shirt today. My friends Tim & Karen Crowe along with their daughters, Amanda Brown and Haley Beeks created and coordinated this without my knowledge until today when I saw the posts on facebook. They all posted pictures of their families wearing t-shirts that say “Her fight is our fight #goodvibetribe”. I saw this as I was waiting for them to start the chemo drugs this morning. I was so touched and, of course, I cried. They always lift me up when I am down somehow and today was just what I needed.

Also want to shout out to a dear friend today who blessed us. He would not want me to give details but he knows who he is. It was a godsend!

Most of all, I want to share that I am praying for the ladies that I have met here already who are fighting their own battle! I have been blessed to hear their stories and see the warrior in them, strong and resilient! Please pray for all who are here at MD Anderson fighting for their lives. Many Sarcoma victims are young adults with jobs, husbands and young children who have to be away from them to seek the best treatment available. Being a Sarcoma Warrior is hard work, I pray that God would grant them peace and strength along with pouring out his healing spirit over each and every one. I pray that God would anoint their caregivers, their doctors and the drugs they are given with strength, power, and healing anointing, in Jesus Name!

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  1. Oh Melissa I’m so sorry to hear this!! I pray for your strength during these treatments. You got this!!! I always tell my girls that your stronger then you feel and braver then you think! ❤️

  2. Your strength and faith is such an inspiration. Fight the good fight and keep the faith.
    Sending my love – Analisa

  3. Praying for ALL of you every morning during my quiet time with God. YOU are such an inspiration to me! Be strong & fight on!!! Love you!

  4. Amen! We continue our prayers for you, your fellow warriors, your mom & Todd. Thinking of you everyday & sending positive vibes.

  5. Melissa, I’m always thinking about you and praying for you. I’m so glad you have your Mama! Prayers for her strength through this too. Love you!

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